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About Us

About Us

Its great pleasure to welcomes you at SHRADDHA ORNAMENTS. Since 1998, at the corner of trade and Tryon, our family has worked extremely hard to make the Artificial Jewellery buying process with easy and pleasant experience for each of our customers. We know your best interest and taste by heart and are familiar that buying an Artificial Jewellery is one of the most significant manners. That’s why it is so important to buy from the company someone you trust and which is going to provide extraordinary service for many years to come. We ensure you that your buying experience with us is going to be the perfect one about Artificial Jewellery at most competitive price with quality products.

Here at the SHRADDHA ORNAMENTS, we’re designers’ at-heart. As artesian Jewelers, we specialize in making individual pieces of Artificial Jewellery from scratch, creating innovative designs that reflect our clients’ taste and distinctive style in a way that is only possible with custom-made Artificial Jewellery. Each piece is created by hand in our Solitaire Workshop without mass-produced designs or parts. Our each Jewellery is unique and exclusive piece which perfectly complements for special occasion.

Mr. Rajesh Shah and Mr. Jitendra Shah are owners and principal Jewelers. They have high knowledge in metal work and Jewellery Design, together with more than 17 years of experience in designing and creating extraordinary Artificial Jewellery.

Mr. Rajesh Shah and Mr. Jitendra Shah are working for last 17 years in main stream commercial Artificial Jewellery manufacturing prior to founding SHRADDHA ORNAMENTS. Their experience with mass-produced, exclusive Artificial Jewellery and confirmed their strong desire to produce new and Unique Designs which not content with replicating standardized or traditional patterns. The owners are always looking for the twist that will transform an idea into a new piece of Artificial Jewellery that’s individual like its owner.

Our Goal

Our policy to serve the best for all customers, either newer or our existing, all customers will serve properly and the best way we can. We never make to feel ignorant you for the issue involved in the process and your inexperience never been disadvantage for you. We always welcome our valuable customers’ suggestions about designs or steps of designs. ‘Customer Satisfaction’ is the most prior part of our policy and so, customer could get with us even after a fair time period of their purchase. This could be an added pleasant way to satisfy our customers’ purchase experience with us.

The only things of our company will never change and it is ‘providing the highest possible level of service.’ We pride ourselves for our personal approach and through our national sales team; we aim to provide professional and efficient service. With our skill and enthusiasm, we became one of the leading Artificial Jewellery Suppliers in the Rajkot (Gujarat


To become a pioneer innovator in the Artificial Jewellery segment combining transparency, professionalism and scale to make premium quality Jewellery affordable to the mass market.